A new extracurricular baseball program is being born in the CSSFL

Center de services scolaire du Fleuve-et-des-Lacs (CSSFL) announces the creation of a brand new extracurricular baseball program. Starting this fall, students from the 5th year of elementary school to the 5th year of high school will be able to discover and develop their love for sports thanks to the supervision of players and coaches from the Basque and Témiscouata regions.

“In recent years, the popularity of baseball in the region has only increased. This new initiative of the CSSFL will allow us to nurture this passion and continue to develop succession,” explains coach responsible for the Trois-Pistoles sector Valmond Bérubé.

A total of five locations will offer an after-school baseball program. Students will be able to participate in the Trois-Pistoles, Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Dégelis, Pohénégamook and Squatec competitions. In addition, each station will be equipped with indoor equipment to allow training during the winter months.

“By allowing all young people to complete this program, regardless of where they live and what time of year they live, we are able to offer high-quality further education that will improve their progress”, explains one of the project coordinators, Dana Paradis-Giroux.

The Puribec Baseball League also wanted to emphasize the involvement of the educational community for the future of young players in Témiscouata and the Basque Country.

“The development of regional players is the greatest asset for our circuit. In 2000, there was a decline that even forced some teams to withdraw from senior baseball in Bas-Saint-Laurent. With new programs for young people, the future of regional baseball is promising,” confirms Denis Bérubé, president of the league.

To date, almost 80 students from the Center de services scolaire du Fleuve-et-des-Lacs have already registered. This is a result that pleases and exceeds the expectations of the initiator and one of the other coordinators of the project, Daniel Bouchard.

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