A young man from Montluçon (Allier) travels around the world to make a documentary about basketball training

This world tour will not be child’s play. In basketball, the “world tour” is a fun activity consisting of chaining shots in different places around the racket… Here the principle will be the same, but the playing field is much larger. Big as the world.


Charly Genar, 22, was born and raised in Montluçon before leaving to study journalism, a degree at Staps and then a work-study program in sports communication at Nanterre 92 club, in the first basketball division. Because yes, the young man is also and above all a child of the ball. In this case, an orange ball. The one that led him to the courts of Commentry, Désertines or Stade Montluçonnais, the team with which this scorer was Auvergne junior champion in 2017.

This is for the side of the room. But his passion is also the street, land outside Guineberts, Domérat or even more so in Nerdre, two hundred meters from his home. Where he only has to “go down the rue des Rossignols”, two steps from his house, to wet his jersey.


This is his story. But what is yours? What do all those who fell into the trash as children on this blue planet with orange highlights have? why do you play basketball Or in English: “Is that why? “. That’s the name of the documentary with which Charly Genar will go around the globe from October 1. First in the United States, then in India, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, South Africa, Tanzania and Iceland. Or a big mop of a year.

“The goal is to meet lambda players on the street wherever I travel and come back with a big conversation for each continent. With questions like: Why do you play basketball? What makes this sport your passion? What is the history of your country?…’

Charlie Genar


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The ultimate goal is to “return to France with five portraits… and five people and organize a big event in Montluçon”. A large street basketball tournament in 2024 on several lots in the community with many teams including one made up of these five foreigners. Contacts have already been established with the municipality. “It will show that sport is a universal language. And at the same time to complete the loop of the documentary, on the land of Nerdre, where the opening and closing scenes are planned,” enumerates Charly Genar.

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After all, the mix, color grading and music part awaits him, then mixing and mastering by professionals. Which led to the finished product in a maximum of 1 h 30.

“The target in terms of visibility will be broadcast before, during or after the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. As for the platform, it will all depend on the final rendering and the broadcasters involved. »

Charlie Genar


But that is not all. A photo album will also be born from his epic of the year, “with all the baskets or plots that I come across”. Not to mention a clothing collection, as well as an original soundtrack he’ll create himself, “with the sounds of the countries he’s visited,” which will be available for streaming.

As for the budget, Charly has already spent 8,000 euros on equipment (camera, microphones, lenses, etc.) and is counting on 13,000 euros for the trip (tickets, visas, vaccines, food, accommodation). He intends to finance it with his own funds and two banks. In terms of benefits or notoriety, they will go to Bravel, the association he founded in parallel to develop basketball courts in the four corners of the planet. (read below). In short, an exciting adventure from A to Z. Or rather, from B to T…

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Society of the brave. Created in 2017 by Charly Genar, it aims to: “help communities, schools and associations create or rehabilitate basketball courts”. No geographic restrictions. “In Huriel, it can be like in the depths of Africa,” smile the Montluçonnais, who had contact with the school in Mali five years ago without it showing up. Between construction and equipment, 15,000 euros per project need to be calculated. “The wish is to create events in these places so that our sport is accessible to as many people as possible.

Pots. To support the Bravel association in its projects, you can donate at Helloasso.com/associations/bravel or bravel.fr.
And you can also participate in the production of Is this why at proarti.fr/collect/project/is-this-why/0

Social networks.
– Instagram: @_isthiswhy (document) and @_bravelasso (association).
– TikTok: brave
– Facebook: Is this why and BRAVEL (@Bravel.asso).
-Twitter: @_IsThisWhy and @bravel_asso
– Youtube. Trailer for the documentary: www.youtube.com/watch?v=044L2X4d3wQ. And Youtube Channel: Bravel – ‘Is This Why?’
– Website: www.bravel.fr

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Text: Luc Barre
Photo: Cécile Champagnat

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