Adil Abbassi, the old warrior’s last season with Agen BC

“If I manage to go all the way, I think it will be the last,” admits Captain Agen. Despite a good last season, the offseason was very complicated. I don’t necessarily have the strength today. And if I don’t regret all the sacrifices for basketball, I see things differently today. My career is coming to an end and I can’t sleep anymore. »

He who has experienced all the climbs, from Regional Excellence Promotion (now R2) to National 2, is going through a difficult time on a personal level with the loss of a friend, (“It’s sometimes complicated when a person we relied on chooses a different path” ) and a busy professional life with the establishment of a company in Villeneuvois.


The red and white captain, discreet but very invested in certain associations or helping children in trouble, also regrets the dominance of money in amateur basketball. “I no longer recognize myself in basketball, where money has become too important. Today we value people who have money and not necessarily good people. »

Many questions, but also the desire to give the last hand to ABC. “This season we have a good team with a lot of local players and with the simple goal of staying up. There are also plenty of derbies which are always entertaining, although I think the pressure around that is more a matter of the public and the managers than the players. »

As for the rest, Adil Abbassi does not envision him as a player, but rather with young people. “I won’t play for another club, but it will be more in the role of coach and coach,” he concludes.

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