After football and baseball, Sorare conquers the NBA

A $4.3 billion French start-up is ramping up its efforts to woo the United States after a mega roundtable in 2021. After football and baseball (MLB), Sorare is now tackling the NBA (basketball) and adapting his game for free.

While the basic part of the North American basketball league will not resume until next October, the French start-up has already announced that it will step on the courts of the famous NBA from the 2022-2023 season.

Following an agreement between NBA governing bodies and the powerful National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Sorare will launch his fantasy game in an officially licensed basketball version. After football and more recently baseball (MLB), the NFT specialist is involved in one of the most popular sports in the world and is strengthening its ambition to “become the world leader in entertainment”.

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Sorare derives its uniqueness from the combination of entertainment and investment in the world of sports. The platform, which is now also available as a mobile app, allows users to buy or sell player cards in the form of NFTs and participate in fantasy league competitions.

With these virtual basketball player cards, fans will be able to earn points based on the actual performances of players in the North American League. Each user takes on all the roles of an NBA franchise: the athletic director who scouts for future talent, the owner who invests, and the manager who assembles his top five every day. On the same principle, the startup has already attracted more than 2 million users in football.

In order to convince the leaders of sports organizations, Nicolas Julia, co-founder and CEO of Sorare, insists on the game’s ability to spread passion beyond the field: “It is a real bridge between the physical and digital worlds that ensures the connection between teams. players and fans outside the stadiums”.

Adam Silver, the league’s emblematic president, sees it as “a significant opportunity to expand our fan community and grow basketball around the world.” Historically very rooted in Europe with soccer championships, Sorare has since spread widely in Asia, where MLB is very popular.

“It’s a real bridge between the physical and digital worlds, connecting teams, players and fans outside the stadiums”

To conquer the American market, the start-up settled in New York and secured the services of emblematic figures of world sports: Serena Williams is on its board of directors, Kylian Mbappé invested there (he recently signed a contract with the NBA elsewhere, ed.) and Ruby Gobert was just officially announced as a brand ambassador. Recognized as one of the best defenders in the NBA of the decade, he also made it to the capital city of Sorare.

For basketball fans, access to the cards will have to wait until the championship resumes in the fall. Meanwhile, Sorare has created a waiting list available at

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