after the first victory, AST prepares to face Monmorot

For the resumption of the National 3 Championship last Sunday at the Robert-Magat hall, AST put in the right ingredients for a recipe for success and won by a margin of 40 points. Of course, the Coteau team, their opponents, had just been promoted to the National level this year and the second half was a little less impressive for the locals than the first. Which is not at all illogical, because the Red Devils led by 30 points at halftime.

A championship that starts well

“Of course it’s very satisfying,” testifies Mickaël Paillasson, club president. I know Anthony has worked a lot on defense and honestly it shows on the court. Above all, I saw more aggression, it is the DNA of the club and that is of course nice. I also noticed, and this is important, that the boys were physically prepared, which was much less convincing at the beginning of last season. »

This bodes well for the trip to Monmorot this Sunday 18th September. “The Jura team was already in our pool last season,” continues the president. It’s a great N3 team that has a core five in their ranks that evolved in N2. We know what to expect, they won away from home by 27 points to start the season.”

So the championship is off to a good start and promises to be exciting. Anthony Chave’s men and leaders want to play uphill and every game will count. And among them, the public will mark on their calendar four derbies that will certainly spice up the encounter, with Coteau, Caluire, La Gresle and OLB.

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