Ambitious Libourne against the uninhibited legeois

On paper, FC Libourne is the favorite with its XXL recruitment. To keep our goal of playing a major role in this championship, three points are essential in his lair Moueix. Group coach Franck Vallade is on the defensive as usual before facing a weaker opponent on paper. “This game is not to be taken lightly. Yes, the Lège-Cap-Ferret team is young, they certainly play quite relaxed, but they have as many points as us (4). I don’t focus too much on them, but mainly on my team. I remember our last technically poor collective performance in Bouliac (D2) winning 2-0. I am waiting for another performance from this group, so that we can take home the first points, please the public, and especially bring them to the stadium. »

Olivier is missing

In Lège-Cap-Ferret, his counterpart Philippe Ollier, who will be absent for this match and will be replaced by Gérard Fontenay, coach of the reserve team, has been working with his group all week, but specifies that the pressure is not on his side: The pressure is obviously on them. S Poitiers are the favorites for the rise of the N2. As for me, I have an 80% renewed workforce with many young U19s or players coming from the region. So yes, most of them have been through training centers, they have good technical background, but still I specify that most of them will be their 3rd match at national level. I have a very good group pulling the plug in training to play on Saturday, it’s a chance. It is clear that we will not close the game and I will focus on the content first before winning. Go both together, it’s better. »

During this derby, Soufiane Bahassa and Lamine Fall will return to their former club. For Lamine Fall, who has spent a good portion of his career in the pool (twice for 3 years), the reunion will be special. “Lège will remain engraved in my head. I learned a lot there, even last season when we played maintenance. I was part of the team that moved to N3 in 2012, I didn’t want to leave it in R1 when I left. This summer I wanted to bounce back and Libourne announced a strong project. Franck already knew me and as a defender the contact with Pierre Portets, who plays behind me, was very good. The group is good, we train a lot, now we have to take points to put our project at the top of the ranking. I will be 100% Libourne on the pitch tonight.”


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