Aminata Diallo would be looking to ‘break her kneecap’ before attacking her ex-PSG team-mate

Soccer player Aminata Diallo, who was indicted on Friday for “aggravated violence”, has seen the noose tightened around her following stunning discoveries on her computer and revelations from four men questioned this week, bringing the rivalry between the players back to the fore.

This is the result of a ten-month investigation by members of the Versailles PJ, L’Equipe revealed on Saturday. While she was released on 12 November 2021 without any charges being recognized against her following the attack on her former teammate on 4 November, Aminata Diallo was first implicated in the middle of the week. The four men, who were placed in police custody on suspicion of involvement in the attack, designated the player as a “sponsor of violence to enable him to assume the position of victim during future competitions”. PSG Women were scheduled to play a Champions League match against Real Madrid after this cohesion dinner. They were accused by the same bosses as the former French international.

“Cocktail of dangerous drugs”, “break the patella”

Added to this was an incriminated internet search. According to Team, an analysis of his laptop revealed “a few surprises.” On October 30, 2021, a few days before Hamraoui’s attack, Diallo would do research on a “cocktail of dangerous drugs” and another even more disturbing one the day before the attack: he “broke his kneecap.”

Then, when analyzing the on-board computer of his vehicle, which accompanied Hamraoui after this dinner, surprising phone numbers were identified. Several players from the Paris team and Kheira Hamraoui were contacted by the Crow at the end of October 2021 and this is the number that was recorded. That evening, the former Barcelona man said Diallo drove slowly after dropping off Sakina Karchaoui, previously present in the vehicle.

Finally, Le Parisien gives more details, explaining that after the blows with the iron bars, the alleged perpetrators received a phone call from a mysterious intermediary who was said to be “furious”, blaming them for not having… Hamraoui’s broken legs. Then the alleged attackers would have understood that the sponsor was Aminata Diallo, the only person who could have been informed so quickly.

If Aminata Diallo has always disputed any involvement, her version seems to have taken a different turn. She faces up to ten years in prison.

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