Ariège: six to twenty months in prison for brawling with baseball bats

The Court of Justice in Foix sentenced on Friday 16 September 2022 four people suspected of taking part in the fight on 30 August 2022 in Foix. Baseball bats, axes and clubs were used. Penalties range from six to twenty months in prison.

In less than ten minutes, their lives changed. Four people were tried by the Magistrates Court of Foix in Ariège on Friday 16 September 2022. They were suspected of taking part in a brawl in the Bruilhols district of Foix on the evening of 30 August.

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A match with baseball bats, an ax and punches, which none of the protagonists could participate in or at least witness. Because during the hearing, which lasted almost three hours, surveillance cameras and amateur film were shown on the screens of the Febus room. The four people were perfectly recognizable.

Love rivalry at the heart of the argument

Three of them were incarcerated in Foix Detention Center pending trial. Two brothers (B. and F.) and their friend M. Appeared in the defendants’ box. Most often standing with crossed arms. Two brothers who arrived in Foix from Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin) twelve months ago had to answer for participating in a group with the aim of committing violence. The third, calmer, was suspected of hitting the fourth protagonist with a baseball bat in the case.

D., spent the days preceding the hearing in the Seysses detention center in Haute-Garonne, where he had already served his sentence. He appeared at the bar, well surrounded by prison service agents, to account for the violent acts with the ax and fist.

“My girlfriend is freaking out about her ex. So I wanted to settle this between the men with my bare hands before I turn the page and move on.”

It is a love rivalry that is at the heart of the argument. In this case, B.’s ex-girlfriend, who in the meantime got into a relationship with D. “It was two months ago. My girlfriend is scared because of her ex. There were threats and a shot (the case is under investigation, editor’s note). So I wanted to settle it between the men with my bare hands before I turn the page and we move on with our lives. But it’s not the men because they came to get me with baseball bats,” laments D His lawyer, Mme.E Andrieu, described the facts during his argument as a “punishment expedition”.

The group arrests fifteen days later

B. and F. clearly have opposing views. “Those threats never happened, B counters. It was D who punched me in the face when we were passing each other in the car on the day of the fight.” His brother quickly came to support him. “At first I had nothing to do with their stories, complete F. But when I saw how D. hit my brother, I exploded, even though I didn’t hit anyone”, he confided in the box. The statement was confirmed by the author of the punch at the first hearing and then at the bar.

M.’s role in this story is unique. He accompanies both brothers during this glorious end-of-summer evening. But he is also friends with D., whom he suspects of kicking him in the ribs with a baseball bat. “I didn’t see it was him,” he defended. An act that earns him an ax handle blow from his colleague in retaliation. Before the two men realize the mistake and explain it more calmly.

Serious criminal records

Half an hour after these courtesies, when the police arrived, everyone had cleared out. A fortnight later, on September 13, the Municipal Security Brigade (BSU) in Foix and the Research and Intervention Brigade (BRI) in Toulouse managed to arrest only six people, including the four presented this Friday.

During the hearing, the subtle backgrounds of the respondents were probed. Each has between six and twenty-seven criminal records. Narcotics, violence, theft mainly. Elements that undoubtedly weighed in the proceedings of the court, especially for the two brothers aged only 19 and 20 years.

Despite Me Andrieu’s plea of ​​self-defense for D., he was sentenced to 18 months in prison with continued detention and a five-year firearms ban. Me Chapelat did not have an easy task. Even if she tried to whitewash her client. “On the video, we don’t exactly see M. being shot with a baseball bat. It’s doubtful that it should do him any good,” she tried to defend herself.

Both brothers are banned from staying in Ariège

She was not heard. He even received the most severe sentence at the end of May 2022, also tried for concealing a stolen motorcycle in Pamiers. Twenty months in prison with continued custody and revocation of a six-month probation sentence, accompanied by a five-year firearms ban, are imposed.

B. and D., two brothers from Alsace, will have to find new accommodation. B., the ex of the young woman who is at the center of the debate, will spend eleven months in custody. Eight for these facts, to which are added three months of probation, which was previously announced by the court in Mylhúzé. He is prohibited from possessing a weapon and from residing in Ariège for three years. His brother F. was the only one who did not go to prison. He gets six months without further custody. It is forbidden to carry a weapon and stay in the ward for three years. Each respondent has ten days to appeal the decision.

Despite the concerns of the authorities, there were no raids during the negotiations. But a few minutes later there was a new argument, just outside the courthouse in Foix.

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Heavy requisitions

Prosecutor Foix relied in his requests on the criminal records provided by the protagonists. “What did he not understand?” asked Olivier Mouysset regarding M., 26 convictions on the clock. He is asking for a three-year suspended prison sentence, the cancellation of six months of probation, a ban on carrying weapons for five years and three years of performing in Ariège.

His annoyance was also visible when listening to the statements of both brothers during the debates. “They are young, but the justices are already very, very well known,” he explained. He was more generous to D. “He is the only one who acknowledges the full facts, expresses remorse that seems sincere, even when the facts are serious.” He is demanding two years in prison with continued detention, a fine of 400 euros and a ban on carrying a weapon for five years. Requisition partly followed by the Court of Foix.

Three of the alleged participants in the fight have still not been arrested. One of them comes from Ariège. The last two, outside the department, are still untraceable.

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