ball – Prenational. BC Golbey-Epinal has a ‘story to write’

It’s been a hot summer for Golbéo-Spinalien basketball, between the riots that wiped ASGE off the map and the emergency creation of BCGE, its “heir”, a name that applies especially in sports rights. All was not rosy, the ASGE file is not settled and the BCGE birth certificate contains several erasures, especially on the political side (see below). Sportingly, the flagship team leaves for the Prénationale under the control of a duo: Thomas Loulidi, former member of GET Vosges house (U17 coach and video analyst in N1), who has all the diplomas necessary to perform the function up to N2. And former Mirecourt pivot Yohann Jacques, recovering (knee), who will take on this new role. Confidence 24 hours before the official start of the season against BC Thermal in the Coupe de France.

Yohanne, was the idea of ​​becoming a coach always bothering you?

” No way! Events caused it, with my serious injury (torn ligaments). And the opportunity of BC Golbey-Epinal came up. So I enrolled in the graduation process. »

How do you perceive this new role and do you manage to forget your status as a player?

” In no way. In my head I’m still a player and two or three times I went to sit with the guys on the bench (laughs). The role of a coach is very complicated, because at first it’s not natural or a profession for me. But the more I do it, the more I like it.”

“We created a bubble around the team”

You say it, your career is not over. Do you plan to play when the knee is fully healed?

“Honestly? Not by chance! Not this season anyway. Because of my position as a coach, I will have demands on them and it would be difficult to play after that. I wouldn’t have any legitimacy to do that after almost a year’s break (Yohann Jacques will only be able to start running again). And arrive as a flower at the place of the next transferee (the team already has three, the maximum allowed). »

After a successful friendly campaign, the team ended up with two defeats. Including a very clear one against Sainte-Marie-aux-Chênes at the Val-d’Ajol tournament. Does it worry you?

” Yes and no. You know, being world champion in a friendly… I remember the season with Puy-en-Velay where we won all our games in preparation to end the last season with only five wins. Those defeats highlighted things, that need to be worked on. »

BCGE evolves in a champagne hen with part of an unknown…

“I am lucky to have family in Châlons-en-Champagne and many friends in the region. Some suggest that this hen would be less powerful than Lorraine. I won’t get into that, let’s be humble. We will meet players like Olivier Gouez (pivot 2.20m, former player of ASVEL, ASGE, Limoges…). And at some point, we can be our own worst enemy. We will therefore have to continue to focus on us. »

Is his brother’s (Alexandre) training complicated?

” Yes and no. I open my mind to other things. You have to take tweezers, because we have two strong personalities. Although he is even bloodier than me (laughs). »

Last question: how did you and the team experience the summer turbulence?

“We were transparent with the players. All the stories are not finished, but we came to Epinal to play basketball, win games and advance to National 3. We created a bubble around ourselves so as not to pollute our work. A lot of guys are from Vosges and even Epinal. We have to write a story. »

Behind the scenes, a context that is not always simple

Between ASGE’s still unsettled past and the first shocks experienced by its “heir”, BC Golbey-Epinal, it was not an easy summer. It’s an open secret that relations between the new management team and Golbey Town Hall were strained when Didier Duvoid was denied access to the room when training resumed as he was de facto excluded from the renovation project. At this point, vagueness remains on the subject, although the right of reservation and the desire for reassurance prevail. The president of BC Golbey-Epinal, Hervé Brèche does not deny the difficulties he has encountered, but he is optimistic. “There are things to iron out, yes. But today we have ten qualified coaches and we have three senior teams, two U17s, two U15s, two U13s, one casual, one U11 and one U9 in the works in terms of licences. Then we plan to start health basketball. »

On an economic level, if the tension with Golbey leaves a shadow, Hervé Brèche wants to be calm. “Many partners come back on their own with a set project and general enthusiasm. We’ve put together a great team of basketball people, I hope it snowballs. We should have a quiet season and if we can bring up our two senior teams that would be great. “Sports wise, it will be necessary to swallow kilometers to play in the Ouest Champagne pool. “This will mean additional logistics costs. We don’t have the finances to have vehicles yet, but we have found a solution to rent them in Rambervillers. »

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