BASKETBALL. France v Poland: Blues overhaul Poles to reach final, match summary

FRANCE – POLAND. The Blues overcame Poland in the semi-finals of Euro 2022 basketball and are heading to the final. They will face Germany and Spain, who will also be playing this Friday, September 16.

19:20 – Summary of the match

The French are in the final and in style! The Blues pushed Poland out of the way after a much better game than the previous ones (95-54). From the first minutes, the Blues showed some defensive mastery despite the new losses of the ball. They actually lost a dozen balloons after the first act, enough to rekindle fears from the past. Unlike previous encounters, however, the French proved that they have an iron defense. Rudy Gobert made some pretty impressive counters. This Poland, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have the answers to thwart this solid defensive scheme. In the end, Igor Milicic’s men scored only nine points in the first quarter and as many in the second. While the third quarter did not go well for the French in the elimination fights, they managed to make up for it this afternoon by worsening the result. Trailing 30-18 in the third quarter, the Blues scored 28 points before starting the final 10 minutes. Those final minutes would only serve to establish French dominance for the day. Vincent Collet also took the opportunity to rest the senior staff and give game time to those who haven’t had enough. Despite the significant rotation, M’Baye, Okobo or even Fall returned with the same determination as their teammates. Vincent Collet’s men will be able to watch the other semi-final of this competition between Germany and Spain tonight at 8.30pm with some relaxation before they face one of the other two teams this Sunday.

19:07 – “It’s a perfect match,” rejoices Albicy

Andrew Albicy was delighted with the Blues’ performance and gave the keys to that success: “It’s a perfect game. We limited their big players like Slaughter and Ponitka. It’s better for the crowd when hearts win like that. We didn’t.” have an air pocket in the third quarter. We know where we are going and we defended very well.”

19:02 – First time for the Blues

It is the first time France has scored more than 80 points in the semifinals of the European Basketball Nations Championship. This shows how particularly successful the Blues have been this afternoon during this France v Poland.

18:57 – Done! The Blues are in the finals

France fix Poland and go to the final of this basketball Euro 2022. Vincent Collet’s team won 95-54 after a very convincing performance.

18:54 – +40 for the Blues

France lead 90 to 50 with 1 minute 42 left in this France v Poland.

18:52 – Three free throws for Garbacz

Garbacz gets a three-point foul in this France-Poland game. He hits only two out of three throws.

18:49 – Blues everything falls

This fourth quarter of this France-Poland is only a confirmation of French supremacy. Blues thrives on almost everything and plays more freely.

18:48 – Dunk by M’Bay

Amath M’Baye, well served under the basket, played the Fall in this France and Poland one-handed.

18:46 – 80 points for the Blues

Vincent Poirier allows the Blues to pass the 80-point mark in this France-Poland (80-43) game.

18:44 – Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot scores

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot shoots the eleventh French three-pointer of this France – Poland. The blues continue their festival.

18:41 – Big change between the Blues

Vincent Collet decided to alternate in this France – Poland, with the advantage being very significant and the final going to the French (71-36).

18:39 – Milicic asks for a timeout

Less than two minutes into the game in this last quarter of France-Poland, the Polish coach is already asking for a time-out while his team is losing 71-36.

18:37 – Okobo starts for the Blues

What’s better than a 3-pointer to start the fourth quarter? Elie Okobo takes care of it and gives the Blues a 31-point lead (67-36).

18:34 – It’s the end of the third quarter

The Blues continue their demonstration in this France v Poland and are ten minutes away from the European final. They lead by 28 points (64-36). Elie Okobo makes a three-pointer at the buzzer.

18:30 – Yabusele again

What a match from Yabusele. He makes a three-pointer to give the Blues a 27-point lead (57-30).

18:30 – Yabusele is unstoppable

Guerschon Yabusele just scored another two point basket and is now on 17 points in this France – Poland.

18:28 – Good third quarter for the Blues

Unlike the third quarter of the two previous matches, the France-Poland match is going particularly well. They lead 18-9 with more than 3 minutes left.

18:26 – Technical foul against Poland

Igor Milicic is penalized for a technical fault in this France – Poland. The coach feels like the meeting is slipping away as his team drops to 24 points (25-49).

18:24 – What a shot from Yabusele

He was far from Yabusele, but that doesn’t scare him. The Real player scored three points with the Blues’ possession seconds remaining in this France-Poland tie.

18:20 – Great French event

A great pass by Rudy Gobert, who found Yabusele alone under the Polish basket. The French continue to rise in this France – Poland (45-23). Igor Miličic is taking a break.

18:19 – The first two Polish points in this quarter

The Poles get their first two points of this France – Poland thanks to Sokolowski.

18:17 – The Blues kick a big gap

Guerschon Yabusele gets fouled and makes a two-pointer at the same time. He misses a free throw, but the Blues lead this game France – Poland (39-18) by 21 points.

18:16 – Evan Fournier on a three-pointer

On the Berlin side, it started well, as it should. Evan Fournier is alone and makes a three-point basket in this second period of this France – Poland.

18:15 – Start of the second period

We are going to Berlin for this second period of this France-Poland. The Blues are 20 minutes away from qualifying for the finals of this basketball Euro 2022. They lead by 16 points (34-18) against the well-bitten Poles.

18:00 – End of the first period, the French with a big lead

After a fairly solid first period of France – Poland, the French lead by 16 points against a Polish team that has a lot of trouble developing the basketball and that only scored 9 points in the first quarter (34 -18).


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