Basketball. Lucile Jérôme, CB Ifs new entertainment asset

Lucile Jérôme played at the Mondeville training center for two years. She then completed her junior years at Nantes where she stayed for two years before signing with Ifs. ©Aline Chatel

basketball on Caen he can only rejoice. Lucille Jerome is back in town. Two years after leaving Mondeville, where his energy and his slender dimensions did not go unnoticed on the floors of National 2, the back is bound in favor of Ifs. She is coming off an extremely convincing experience at the Nantes training center where she shone last season.

“Starting a career”

Lucile Jérôme, 18, will play her first national match against Le Poinçonnet on Saturday, September 17, 2022. “We’re going to start a little bit of a career, it’s important,” she said. Ifs was evident in the choice of structure into which the young woman was going to fully integrate adult basketball. “I asked myself if I would rather go to the ambitious N1 or to Ligue 2 rather down the table to have some playing time. I preferred to be in the championship where we were supposed to be a strong team.” Ifs met all the expected criteria.

I wanted to get out of this young state. Ifs was ambitious, it was perfect.

Lucille Jerome

gain experience

A few kilometers from Mondeville (“it’s a bit of a coincidence”, suggests Picardie), Lucile Jérôme will continue her training under the command of Morgan Debross. “Going through National 1 will allow me to gain experience, believes the one who made a couple of entrances to Ligue 2 last season. In addition, I have the chance to play with girls who have developed in major championships. »

If Florine Basque, Kendall Cooper and another Jose-Ann Johnson must bring stability to the Norman collective, Lucile Jérôme is expected in a completely different register. That dynamite. “Her name is little Johannès,” Morgan Debrosse hinted as he announced his recruitment. She likes flashy, attacking, very relaxed basketball. He can be the X factor of this team. It is extremely pleasant to see her play. »

Liberated basketball

With Lucile Jérôme, the show is never far away. “I liberated myself in Nantes,” she explains. I had a coach who left me a lot of openness in attack. It allowed me to show my real basketball. I like everything that is fast, fluid, airy, a little fancy. “That’s why the comparison with Marine Johannès is “flattering”.

She is one of my favorite players. She had already left Mondeville when I got there, but I followed her. It is a source of inspiration. When I see his highlights, I find it beautiful and I try to reproduce the same in training.

Lucille Jerome

National 1 will be the country of speech before other flights. “The goal is not to stay in N1. I hope to get to Ligue 1 and Euroleague later. First of all, of course, I have to perform in National 1. By having fun, it will happen naturally. »

Ideal scenario: Ligue 2 with Ifs

The ideal scenario has already been found: to have a great season with the Ifs and get promoted to Ligue 2. “It would be special…” This is the announced goal of an extremely ambitious club. “We know there is some pressure and we have to perform, but I think the group is ready. The Poinçonnet reception will provide the first answers.

Videos: currently on Actu

Ifs – Le Poinçonnet, Day 1 NF1 Saturday 17 September 2022 (20:00)

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