Basketball/N3. The second reception to start the Poligny train

After a big win, it’s important not to fall asleep. Poligny won over Clermont (68-57) in the opening of the championship last weekend this Saturday Nuits-Saint-Georges.

The Côte-d’Or club was blown away for its comeback, scoring 30 points at Prissé-Mâcon (90-60). However, according to Vincent Germain, Jura’s coach, this is not enough to underestimate him: “We don’t know the opponent we have in front of us. I don’t think the first game means anything. We have to stay serious, we have to keep the same attitude as in the first game and we will be fine. »

“space for improvement”

Good approach in defence, satisfactory approach to the match but great ineptness out wide (4/25, three points). Poligny already knows what he will have to clear to continue at home: “The three-point address is still a strong point of our team. It proves that we have room for improvement,” says Vincent Germain.

It will also be important not to underestimate an injured opponent. Nuits-Saint-Georges are going for their second trip in a row and will come to Poligny with nothing to lose and maybe with extra strength: “They were missing two big players last week. They are not easy to play with, the coach announces. We have to stick to what we can do with great defense. Above all, stay humble because there are always surprises in sports. »

To confirm the inaugural success, Jurští can count on the return of their pivot Dejan Radojevič. All the elements are there to follow up, start the Poligny train and confirm the ascent contender status.

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