Big baseball weekend in sight at Stade Canac

Despite a 9-1 loss at Illinois on Thursday night, the Capitals will return home with home field advantage in the Frontier League baseball final between the Quebec club and the Schaumburg Boomers.

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With the series tied 1-1, Patrick Scalabrini’s side will be at the Stade Canac on Saturday and Sunday and possibly Monday if a fifth and final game is necessary.

On Wednesday night, the Capitals won the first game of the Finals abroad 6-3.

In the second game, the Boomers were the first to score Thursday when Capitals starter Codie Paiva allowed a solo home run to William Salas late in the third inning.

Paiva deserved better support, allowing just one run in the first six innings. However, his teammates were unable to support him offensively. At the end of his day, Paiva gave up three runs, two earned, in six and a third innings. The Capitals hitters, limited to five hits, went 0-for-17 with runners on the trail.

Japanese on the hill

It took until the seventh inning for the Capitals’ register to appear in the score. Jonathan Lacroix reached the plate when Marc-Antoine Lebreux was rescued on an error at first base. However, the Boomers responded with two runs in the bottom of the seventh as Paiva committed a defensive error himself.

In the Boomers camp, the Schaumburg team relied on Japan’s Shumpei Yoshikawa on the mound to start this meeting. The former Arizona Diamondbacks prospect shut out the Capitals for five and a third innings before giving way to Thomas Nicoll, who allowed a run for the visitors.

The crush…

Reliever Samuel Adames initially pitched well for the Capitals, extinguishing a threat in the bottom of the seventh with two strikeouts. However, he allowed two runs in the bottom of the eighth on a double by the dangerous Mike Hart, the Boomers’ fourth baseman. Ian Codina couldn’t stop the bleeding and gave up a sacrifice bunt. This other point was also noted in Adames’ file.

Brett Milazzo’s triple then sounded the death knell for the Capitals, who sent Quebec’s David Gauthier to the mound to end the game. The Boomers scored six times in the bottom of the eighth inning.

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