Bresols. Football: big start in the league tonight

The warm-up round for Bressol footballers is over. With staff now in charge of the senior workforce, the club enters a new reality tonight. After the big regional 2 meetings, the championship in which the Bressolais still got their sports maintenance, today is the big start of the championship. “We were placed in Regional Division 3 against our will after a negative federal response to our request,” said president Christian Lafitte. So it’s a level below where we’ll have to be competitive, with the official start of the championship tonight and a dangerous trip to Cahors. “We attack with this complicated trip with a group that was formed during the first matches of the season in cup competitions,” analyzes manager Bressol. For coaches Christoph Auger and Frédéric Chayeb, the task is very delicate. “It’s always very important to make a successful start to the championship, we often feel that it determines the rest of the season.” In terms of reliability, everything is still a bit fragile. The group has been able to show real qualities, but there are also some weaknesses that will need to be worked on. Suffice to say, this trip to Cahors will be very closely watched.

Kick-off today at 20:00 at the Pierre-Ilbert complex in Cahors.

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