Champions League Soccer – The heist of the night during the Champions League is…

This Tuesday night saw a Champions League match between Bayern Munich and Barca. And as often in recent years, it was the Germans who prevailed over the Catalans.

Barça once again failed to find the weapons to overcome Bayern Munich in the Champions League. Despite some flashes, Xavi’s men were logically beaten by the Bavarians. A defeat by a score of two goals to nil, which could be significant for the continuation of operations at Barca, especially in the group with Inter Milan. Among the performances that we will remember on the German side, we can, as often, note the anegation of Thomas Muller. But bad news for the world champion, he was robbed during the match against Barça…

Thomas Muller, a spoiled birthday

A somewhat sad birthday for Muller, who turned 33 on Tuesday. According to information from Picturethe events took place around 10 p.m. in the German’s villa in Otterfing. Several persons entered his home before stealing money, jewelry and valuables. The total damage is estimated at almost 500,000 euros, according to the local police in a press release published this morning. The police also point out that, despite extensive research, no leads have yet led to the robbers. Recently, this type of burglary has been on the rise, with footballers being the main target. Among the notable break-ins, we can mention the one in Marquinhos house when the latter was playing a match against Nantes. Facts about the “sequestration” of his father and two of his sisters were reported. Also the victim of the night, Angel Di Maria, who had to leave the match in a hurry. But OM, OL and other European clubs like Real Madrid or Manchester United have become targets in recent years, with footballers obviously being the favorite targets.

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