Champions League: why see OM and PSG on TV, it’s complicated and not cheap

By simply switching on Canal + on Tuesday evening, many subscribers were gnashing their teeth in the hope of watching the Champions League match OM – Eintracht Frankfurt (0-1) at the Vélodrome. And for good reason, OM’s second European match was broadcast not on Canal +, the group’s €20.99-a-month premium channel, but on Canal + Foot, one of its new channels launched at the beginning of September, as well as RMC Sport. 1, in addition.

As the name suggests, Canal + Foot is dedicated exclusively to football: Premier League, two L1 matches a day, Women’s D1, Europa League, etc. On Canal + Foot, OM – Frankfurt was watched by 1,030,000 viewers with a peak of 1.23 million at 21: 43 when Frankfurt scored.

The problem is that in order to take advantage of Canal + Foot, you have to subscribe to the Canal + Sport offer for €35.99 (which rises to €40.99 after a year). Or, more advantageously, choose the “100% UEFA Champions League” offer from Canal + for €25.99 in the first year (then €35.99).

Last week, on their Champions League debut, both PSG and OM saw their first match broadcast on Canal +, but only rarely. It’s likely that many subscribers took this for granted and were misled on Tuesday night. During the first day of the Champions League last week, PSG v Juventus (2-1) on Tuesday attracted just over 2 million viewers and Tottenham v OM (2-0), 1.45 million on Wednesday.

The balance between the audience for the following evenings

This Wednesday, September 14, life was made easier for subscribers who were interested in the match Maccabi Haifa – PSG, as the meeting took place on Canal +. As for the following evenings of the group stage, Tuesday’s match will be on Canal + Sport and Wednesday’s match will be on Canal +. PSG and OM alternate from week to week, thus creating a balance between the two French representatives in the competition. And especially among the audience.

Canal +, which we contacted, points out that already last season one match was broadcast on Canal + and the other on Canal + Sport.

To watch OM on Tuesdays, another option was to subscribe to RMC Sport (19 euros/month), knowing that RMC only had the exclusivity of one poster for the Champions League night, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday.

The most affordable Champions League offer remains that of beIN Sports at €15 a month, but although it is very complete, it does not include PSG and OM matches. And a useful detail, the beIN channels are accessible through the “100% UEFA Champions League” offer offered by Canal +.

It is up to everyone to identify their desires as precisely as possible, consider their budget, compare the given dates and use the international breaks to choose the most prudent offer in anticipation of OM – Sporting on Tuesday 4 October and Benfica – PSG on Wednesday 5.

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