confirmation time for Lapeyre and Anglet

At the time, Thomas Lapeyre was playing with the U19s of Aviron Bayonnais. The importance of the 21-year-old striker in the Anglo game is growing. He started seventeen times (and four times as a substitute) out of 26 N3 matches last year. His deal with the division’s top scorer Mehdi Jaki was never denied.

“He had the role of finisher in that area. I’m more into mobility and percussion, “indicates the shy young man who started football in the early 2000s in Baigts in Béarn at the age of 6. “I stayed there for ten years before signing with Aviron Bayonnais,” he adds.

“Very well received”

The Orthez native has been rowing for four years and finds himself in his final junior year with the likes of Flo Heguiabehere (who currently plays in N2 with Bergerac), Elahdji Sanha and Mathéo Couget (currently in N3 in rowing). They then progress to the U19 National. “At the time, I felt that I would not be trusted to play with Aviron’s reserve. And Cédric Pardeilhan contacted me. I was immediately involved in the Genêts project,” says Thibault Lapeyre.

The first year at Les Genêts ends too quickly because of Covid. “We didn’t even play 15 games in the year between the Championship and the Cup”, but during the latter Thibault is starting to find his marks in the Angloy workforce, with 21 appearances in Group N3. “I was received very well at the club and I arrived at the same time as Julien Marquet, who I was with in Bayonne. So I wasn’t alone. »

Target 10 goals

After his good season last year (five goals scored in N3, but a couple of assists that don’t count at this level yet), it’s time for confirmation. “I would like to do better than last year with his five goals. So if I gave ten, it would even be very good,” specifies the young Orthézien, who already scored very quickly in the season, with a double in the second half at Portes-Entre-Deux-Mers (3-1 Genets win).

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