Corentin Tolisso (Lyon), missing from Blues’ Nations League squad: ‘I have to be very good’

After five seasons at Bayern Munich, Corentin Tolisso returned to OL this summer in a press conference for the first time since his presentation before OL-PSG on Sunday evening (20:45) at the Groupama Stadium.

“You played your best game of the season in Monaco and you are finally playing games. How do you feel ?
I have to continue working. I didn’t have an easy preparation, I was injured in July and I had to catch up quickly and play, bit by bit. Recently, I was able to play a full match, and that was a while… We arranged something with the technical staff and the medical staff so that I could gradually come back. I’m making progress, but I’m still a little short on volume. I talk about it with my relatives, for what it’s worth: I have to shop more than I could before. Mentally, being able to put matches together is good, very good after we’ve had a lot of tough times. It clears up a lot of things in the head.

Did the Blues list for September come too soon? Did you have any hope?
Of course I had little hope. After all, it’s true that compared to the sequence of matches, it’s maybe a little early for everything I’ve experienced. I need to connect to go up in rhythm. And that I am very good.

“You have to win, even against PSG. […] We have to be aggressive, tactically intelligent and do things well together. We have to be a team.

OL has two defeats in one week, in Lorient (1-3) and Monaco (1-2).
It’s complicated. It’s two defeats and zero points from six, but different defeats. We didn’t do much in Lorient, but in Monaco it was a bit more successful. You have to hold on to the positive and move on. We conceded two goals from set pieces in Monaco, but we have the stats to show that we have performed well in those stages since the start of the season. But it gave us a headache. And we don’t want to take goals from set pieces every weekend.

After these two defeats, PSG is here…
It is important for us, we must win clearly. We know all the qualities that PSG have, but maybe this will help us, help us play a big game. We have to win. We have ambitions, we must follow them. You have to win, even against PSG. It has already happened here at Parc OL. We have to be aggressive, tactically intelligent and do things well together. We have to be a team.

PSG not shooting in the same category?
So far it’s true. Their goal is to win the Champions League and our goal is to get back there.

Do you confirm that you prefer to play in front of the defense and have you talked about it with the coach?
We talked about it a little bit, vaguely, and it’s true that I feel more comfortable in number 6 than in number 8.

How are you feeling this week Peter Bosz?
Good. He is someone who likes to work, who has a lot of ideas to help the team progress. The problem is not only the coach or the players: we must be united, we must all progress together. I have read things that the coach is in danger but we are all behind him and we want to win on Sunday to erase these two defeats.

Do you have the means to implement these ideas?
We’re trying (smile)we work on it every day.

Do you have a more important role with Alexandre Lacazette before a game like this?
We came back, gained experience and it’s up to us to take the pressure off the youngsters. Before a match like PSG, determination and desire multiply by a thousand. It is up to us to speak well. »

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