did the actresses really learn to play baseball for the show?

An extraordinary team, a Prime Video series, tells the story of the formation of a professional women’s baseball league during World War II. Did the actresses take baseball lessons?

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Rhythmic and sparkling, a new Prime Video production, An extraordinary team, is available on the American streaming platform. Based on the true story of the creation of a professional women’s baseball league in the 1940s – for example, by freeing black women who, contrary to what is stated in the series, were not allowed to join the league -, An extraordinary team follows the journey of players who came to make up for the lack of professional players who left for the front. Did the actresses have to go through intense baseball training to get into the shoes of these baseball players?

Actresses could meet professional players

While preparing for their roles, the actresses had the opportunity to work with professional baseball players. For D’Arcy Carden, who plays Greta Gill in the series, this shoot feels like a homecoming, the actress, like many Americans, practiced baseball as a child, then in high school. “I grew up in the Bay Area in a family of Oakland A’s fans. My grandmother was obsessed with this team […] we went to a lot of baseball games […] I think I was 9 when I joined my team but I’ve been thinking about it since I was 6“. The embodiment of a baseball player on the screen was therefore unexpected.”It’s a dream come true“the actress told the US website Collider,”It was really fun. And the cast and crew got along so well. We shot in Pittsburgh [le tournage] it looked like a holiday camp. It was almost too good to be true“.

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This detail, which has some change in the training of actresses

The actresses trained with real players to gain a certain level before filming the episodes. But when the series took place in 1943, a prop came to question all their progress on the field. “Everyone got better. Some of the girls had never played before and they were good. We all got to the point where we became ‘good,’ in quotes, because the actual baseball players were obviously much better than us”. “But when they switched us to gloves from the 40’s that almost look like gloves […], my hand really hurts. We were like, “We’ll never find our level. I was so sad“.”The day they made us go from modern gloves to 1940s gloves was depressing.”.

Season 1 of A Team Unusual can be found on Prime Video

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