ESMS already under pressure at home

The arrival of four new players to the racket, Vujovic, Dita Mona Samu, Maginot and winger Touré, perhaps explains this failing collective, which the Bouazza-Fontana duo had to improve this week in order to prepare as best as possible. next date. “This match is already important, emphasizes Romain Hillotte, because we have to calm down after this false start. The physical challenge will be great again, against a team that trains every day. We count on the energy that home games bring to unlock our counter. »

Fit visitors

Lot-et-Garonnais come motivated after a big win over Niort (82-61). New coach Ferrer’s team, still at the top of the table in this division, has serious offensive strengths, with interiors Régis (12 points), Sequele (10 points), defender trio Lopez (13 points), Le Borgne (17 points) and Comblon (13 points).

The Whites and Greens will need to show collective solidarity on both sides of the pitch to stay home, ahead of an away trip to group favourites, Pornic. Returning the counters to parity is vital for the future, and thanks to the contributions of its many supporters, Elan can achieve this.

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