Football [D1 Arkema] : Fleury sees red

After leading in the score, the Floriacumoises finally held Paris FC (1-1) in check at the Walter-Felder Stadium on Friday night after a derby that finished ninth.

FC Fleury 91 still failed to beat Paris FC. For their twelfth meeting with the Parisians (in all competitions since 2017), the Essonnes had to settle for a draw (1-1) at the Walter-Felder Stadium on Friday night. ” Given our performance we could be disappointed with this result, but with two red cards we are happy with this point in the end. “, commented President Pascal Bovis leaving the dressing room. Reduced to nine after the double dismissal of Léa Le Garrec and Rosemonde Kouassi (83rd), the Lionesses might well have lost a meeting they had managed well until then.
From the start, the Lionesses show their intentions with the image of Julia Pig, whose half-volley misses the target (2nd). Fleury gets the ball very quickly and relies on Kouassi to ignite the Paris defense because in this counter-flash that the Ivory Coast cannot close (12th). And even though Clara Matéo sends a cold sweat to the Floriacumois public by stealing the ball from the boots of Manon Heil, the goalkeeper of Floriacumois, the referee disallows the goal due to a previous mistake by the tricolor representative (14th). Warning without consequences.
The most dangerous actions remain floriacumoises. In a new corner, Le Garrec found a header at the far post of Piga, who missed the target (18th). Three minutes later, Fleury scored a goal. With a spectacular opening from Le Garrec for Kouassi on the left, the Ivory Coast striker resists pressure from Soyer to narrowly beat Nnadozie (1-0, 21st). A deserved advantage that Marine Dafeur could have doubled 1-2 with Dominika Grabowska, but her shot goes well over (36th).
In this committed but fair Ile-de-France derby, Paris FC could have equalized before half an hour, but Gaëtan Thiney’s strike was blocked by Heil (28′).

The second period starts again with the same intensity. Floriacumoises have several balls 2-0 without being able to convert them. On the counter, Grabowska plays a poor three-on-two with Kouassi and Louis (47th) before Le Garrec misses a shot that deserves better (52nd). Floriacumoise always project forward very quickly, but lack efficiency. They will regret it.
As the last quarter of an hour approached, Paris FC managed to equalize with Binaté’s shot from 20 meters, which Diakité headed over his goalkeeper (1:1, 73.). Soon after, Fabrice Abriel handed out a technical booking as the referee allowed the game to be restarted while two Fleury players were treated on the touchline in the action of the Paris goal. A frustrated Floriacumoises then lose their temper as captain Léa Le Garrec receives two yellow cards in less than a minute. The first after his tackle on Le Mouel, the second for one word too many for the referee. Rosemonde Kouassi, who had already received a warning five minutes earlier, was also penalized for the same action and was also sent off (83rd). But at nine against eleven, Fleury was able to hold his own and keep the tie. ” The derby between Fleury and Paris FC is always specialcomments Fabrice Abriel. We tried to keep the idea of ​​fighting. We trusted the referee. But when the game gets faster, you can’t lose track… It’s a shame because eleven against eleven we had the means to turn it around. »
Satisfied with his team’s performance, coach Floriacumois will have to do without Le Garrec and Kouassi in the next game against PSG (note Sunday, September 25 at 12:45). ” We lost two crucial players but I still have people (Kassi, Konan, Louis, Fontaine) without forgetting Ode (note: Fulutudilu) who just got a visa and who qualifies against PSG. “If the Floriacumoises manage to put in the same intensity as they did against Paris FC, they can hope for a positive result between the French runners-up.

Aymeric Fourel

FLEURY – FC PARIS: 1-1 (1-0). Referee: Mrs. Vanderstichel.
Spectators: 626.
goals: Kouassi (21st) for Fleury; Thiney (73rd) for Paris.
Eviction: Kouassi (83rd), Le Garrec (83rd) in Fleury.
Notice: Kouassi (78, 83), Le Garrec (83, 83) at Fleury; Laplacette (34th), Thiney (62nd) in Paris.
Fleury: Heil – Fernandès, Diakité, Piga, Levasseur – Le Garrec (capt.), Dafeur – Kamczyk (Fontaine, 66th), Grabowska (Yango, 89th), Kouassi – Louis (Kassi, 56th). Entry : Abriel.
Paris FC: Nnadozie – Soyer, Butel, Gréboval, Aigbogun – Laplacette (Fleury, mt), Vaysse, Corboz (Le Mouel, mt), Sow (Binaté Soumahoro, 60.) – Thiney (capt.), Matéo. Entry : Soubeyrand.

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