Football: Unprecedented Servette in La Chaux-de-Fonds


FootballA unique Servette in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Lots of changes, players resting. Alain Geiger rotates his line-up for the Cup (16th final), this Saturday at La Charrière (6pm).

Theo Magnin and Dereck Kutesa will start this Saturday evening in La Chaux-de-Fonds in the Swiss Cup. There will be many changes in the napkin lines.


Théo Magnin already knows, Alain Geiger told him, who will play Servetta for the first time this Saturday night. At 19, he is a product of the Garnet academy after making his Laconnex debut and will therefore start from kick-off in the round of 16 against La Chaux-de-Fonds in La Charrière.

No tremolo in the voice. Magnin is ready, he is training for it. “It’s a chance for me, the coach believes in me,” he says. It is an opportunity, of course the idea is to use it, I will bring all my energy. But I don’t want to worry, even if it’s my first job.

“It’s an opportunity. But I don’t want to worry, even if it’s my first job.

Théo Magnin, Servette FC player

We have already seen in Nyon

We already saw this young side for half an hour in Nyon, in the previous round. He proved to his advantage and offered a nice alternative on the right. “When you start a match, you have to find the right balance,” explains Magnin. It’s not like you come in for a few minutes at the end where you have to give it your all. They have to manage there. Being effective defensively is of course the main thing, but also showing something every now and then. The work that comes.

He won’t be the only new player at the kick-off. The left side, the other side too, Anthony Barone. He comes from the U21s, but has already trained with the pros several times. He is not a young man. Baron is 29 years old. With Sawadogo and Behrami injured and Clichy spared, Geiger had to find a solution.

“I agree with the circumstances,” explains the coach. Baron has experience, I can’t reinvent everything either. He could move Severino and drop Monteiro in the axis, the young 17-year-old Portuguese has just been called up with Portugal M19, hence the upgrade. But things are slow, and Geiger accepts that.

“I know young people want everything, now,” he explains. But you have to prepare things. Work, with a development project. It’s like an apprenticeship. It takes two years, sometimes three. And you will find your place, with advice, videos, old people around you.

many absent

Clichy, Stevanovic and Bauer (saved) will not play in this cup match. No more than Cognat. Slightly affected against Zurich is fine, no problem, but he missed his move, no reason to risk it. Ditto for Diallo, who is coming back from injury. As for Cespedes, Sawadogo, Behrami, convalescing, and Bauer, injured. With the re-addition of Frick, who is giving way to Omeragic, this means a total of ten fewer players.

“That’s right,” Geiger said. I take La Chaux-de-Fonds very seriously. They have offensive arguments, especially on Magnin’s side. They know what they are doing on the field, well organized by Oppliger. They have a good center hinge. But maybe we can do something on the sides. In any case, you will have to want more than your opponent.

Rouiller should take Vouilloz’s place at the back, Servette could combine well in a 4-2-3-1 with Valls and Antunes in the middle behind Kutesa, with Fofana and Rodelin on the flanks and with holder Crivelli with Garnet for the first time. , after his two good entries in Lucerne and against Zurich.

Picket Antunes in M21…

Alexis Antunes, author of a good entry into the season, scorer, point guard, plays a lot with Servette. Isn’t that enough in the eyes of Patrick Rahmen? The new Swiss U21 coach only included him on his roster, preferring a player with far fewer references this season over Antunes.

“I’m very surprised he wasn’t selected for the U21s, he’s outplayed the others since the start of the season.”

Alain Geiger, coach of Servette FC, talks about Antunes, only in demonstrations with the U21s

“Given his performance with us since the start of the season, I am surprised, yes,” notes Alain Geiger. I am even very surprised that he is not selected for the selection with the U21, I think he has passed the others since the beginning of the season. It’s up to Antunes to shine in the cup this Saturday night to showcase his talent even more.

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