hard on the road for Garonne AB

It was important to start with a solid victory in the Meilhan cauldron, because the calendar did not spare Adrien Ferrer’s men, who will have to chain ESMS, Dax, JSA and Pornic. We have three trips to one reception, starting with this trip to Landes at the home of the perennial top contender.

But the ATM technician has a knack for playing down. “I’m going into this game having done the work the week before with nothing to lose. “Of course, the unspoken goal is to win all the matches, this one like the others, but Adrien Ferrer knows very well that it will be difficult. “At home, all positions are doubled and they have 10 strong players, individually there are really no weak points,” admits the new yellow-blue strongman, but he has certainly seen some weaknesses that he will try to exploit when the time comes.

stay calm

They won by 2 small points against GAB during the ESMS preliminaries, but that was in the pre-season in a tournament that allowed the team to be fielded. There is no doubt that the official meeting in the league will be completely different. “I will rely on the defensive intensity, on our aggression and on the cohesion of our team and the progression from the group to those 3 points was seen last week. It’s always interesting to confirm against a team that is maybe a bit stronger than Niort. »

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