He pulls over and smashes his car with a baseball bat


FranceHe pulls over and smashes his car with a baseball bat

In Doubs, a drunken man acted confused before confronting police.

The gendarmes placed the individual in a drunken tank and then in a police cell.


The man was acting amazing Monday night in Doubs. While driving, he stopped, got out of the car and started demolishing it with a baseball bat… Then he furiously resisted arrest, threatened and insulted gendarmes profusely.

The strange scene took place on Monday around 8.30pm in Pont-de-Roide. A drunk man in his fifties attacked his own car with a baseball bat, refers to “L’Est Républicain”. Who specifies that this individual ordered his 13 year old son who was accompanying him to do the same.

Seven gendarmes intervened, trying to calm him down. In vain. The man refused all checks, rioted, insulted, beat and heaped rude and sexist remarks on the gendarmes, according to the French press.

After this stormy arrest, the 50-year-old was placed in a drunken tank and subsequently in a police cell. The gendarmes filed a complaint for contempt, threats and riot, says France Bleu.

At this point, we have absolutely no idea what could have caused this stunning carnage.

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