“I want to continue progressing,” says Cylian Lalanne, back at Élan Tursan

What conclusions do you draw from the years when you were young?

I was lucky enough to be a Landes champion as a youngster with my friends from ETB. Then, despite Covid, which deprived us of two ends of the season, I was lucky to have three French Championship medals with ADB. In the 1st year we won bronze, in the second year we won silver here in Mont-de-Marsan and last year we won gold in Group B U18. It was a great experience.

How was your return to ETB?

To tell the truth, I preferred to study. As I was intending to enter the Purpan engineering school in Toulouse, I took the opportunity to go back to ETB and play N3 and try to train in Toulouse during the week and on Fridays at ETB. I’m also happy to make friends and finally play with brother Mathys.

What are your first feelings in the group?

It’s different, it has nothing to do with the junior category, the game is not the same, the stakes are too. I need some time to adjust!

How do you envision the rest of your basketball career?

I want to keep progressing to play as high as I can once I finish school. Why not play in N2 or beyond? But it’s too early. I have to settle in N3 first.

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