Jamarr Sanders, the final piece of the puzzle

Since the enthronement of Nicola Alberani as sporting director, SIG has made a habit of buying on the other side of the Alps, keeping a close eye on what is happening there anyway. This Saturday’s announcement of the arrival of American 2/1 Jamarro Sanders (34, 1.93m), who has spent much of his career in Italy and has been in Alberani’s sights for a while, is part of that trend.

He is expected in Strasbourg at the beginning of the week

Released from the American University of Birmingham in 2011, Jamarr Sanders has successively worn the colors of Veroli, Trento, Reggio Emilia, Casale Monferrato, Trieste and finally Tortona over the past two seasons. Gifted with a solid basketball IQ, the powerful shooter began his professional career at the Drama Club in Greece and also had stints in Germany, Bonn and Turkey’s Gaziantep.

The Chicago native has been waiting in Strasbourg since the beginning of the week to undergo his usual medical examinations. The SIG is now complete a week before the Elite curtain raiser, next Saturday, at the Pau ground.

They said

Nicola Alberani, SIG Sports Director

“It is a real pleasure to welcome Jamarr Sanders. Sometimes the transfer market is weird because you hope or are forced to drop names, but sometimes the door opens to a real opportunity like signing a player like him. He is a player with proven experience who has been able to adapt to different coaching styles and who can play in different positions. He has the ability to do great things and is a real asset to our team. He learns and understands things very quickly, which will certainly make it easier for him to integrate. He has shown that he can be a leader on the court, an excellent scorer and a very good playmaker. We are honestly very happy that he decided to join us.”

Lassi Tuovi, GIS trainer

“I’m happy that our roster is finally complete. Jamaar is a player we’ve been following for some time, with a very interesting and experienced profile. He’s shown throughout his career that he’s worked hard to always play at the highest level. Last season in the play- off with Tortona he showed his maturity and his impact. We were impressed. He has improved year on year and clearly has the level to be a BCL player. As the last piece of our puzzle we wanted a player who can shoot, be decisive but also create for others. That’s the case with him and he’ll bring his athleticism to the defense as well. Jamarr has what it takes to help us this coming season and we’re very excited to have him sign with us.”

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