JSA Bordeaux must conquer the Sports Palace

It is clear that the obstacle that will appear before the training of Gironde this weekend promises its size, because Pornic presents undeniable advantages in the quality of its workforce, especially with its strong 2.06 m winger, Samuel Alouekey, but above all with its domestic goalscorer in person. Loïc Menuge, the author of 27 points against TOAC on the first day of the championship and the top scorer in Pool B.

Facing a large piece

The coach of the yellow and black team, Julien Tauzin, recognizes the value of his opponent from Pornice and therefore expects a difficult meeting: “He is a big piece. This is the team that took over the leadership of this division last year. Pornic has doubled all positions and has great physical density. So it’s a real test that awaits us on Saturday.”

However, the Bordeaux coach can count on the fact that his group will respond with the liveliness of their youth, represented in particular by Kévin Mbaitoubam, the author of 15 points for Rezé, but also with the experience of Clément Desmonts (16 points) and Shawn King (17 points). . Julien Tauzin assures him: “We will rely on our collective defense and on the experience of Shawn and Clément in attack. »

It is therefore with great determination that JSA Bordeaux will enter the Sports Hall on Saturday night to excite the Girondins public shut down from last season’s victory and secure a second consecutive success in the league.


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