Lazio repays fans after humiliation against Midtjylland

Lazio, who heavily beat Midtjylland in the Europa League on Thursday night (5-1), decided to reimburse the ticket for the match to their 225 supporters who traveled to Denmark.

Small consolation for biancocelesti tifosi. Lazio fans who turn up in Herning this Thursday to witness their team’s heavy defeat against Midtjylland (1-5) will receive a small reward for their long journey. “Lazio will cover the ticket costs for the Midtjylland-Lazio match for the 225 fans present in Denmark yesterday,” the club announced this Friday evening.

Sarri: “We were daring”

“The responsibility is on my side, so I will see with the players. I want an explanation: we agreed to come here humbly for three days, but instead we were presumptuous and it is not going anywhere in Europe, he said following a meeting with Italian coach Maurizio Sarri . We played closed, at a slow pace, like a team with a 4-0 lead in their favor. (…) If it’s my fault, I have to look back. If it’s the player’s fault, he needs to be removed from the team immediately.”

“We apologize to the fans that we didn’t represent with dignity,” the Laziale coach admitted before cursing the performance of his charges: “It’s a match that wasn’t played, we didn’t play it because of lack of concentration.” (…) It is a dressing room in which nothing is objectionable, it is also a beautiful environment to live in, but matches are played there and the decline, which can be described as emotional, is there. is a trigger that we have never been able to identify and tame”.

A nice gesture by AS Roma at the Europa League conference

Last season, neighbors and rivals AS Roma made a similar gesture in the Europa League conference, inviting 166 fans who made the painful trip to Norway (1-5 defeat against Bodo Glimt) to the final of the competition, which they won against Feyenoord Rotterdam in Tirana (1:0). For Lazio, the road to Budapest is still long and they will have to go through a new tricky route, on October 6 in Sturm Graz (Austria).

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