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The Auscitains will try to respond tonight on the Portet turf in the championship after the disappointment in the Coupe de France against Lourdes (0-3).

Even Football, already eliminated from the Coupe de France, must find a solution. Nothing alarming, more of an equation on the board that the Gers staff already have to deal with. We start with a breakdown of gaps that will force Arnaud Dessum to find friendly matches so as not to disrupt the rhythm of pre-season training. As such, a game every two weeks is not ideal. Another question, composition. Dominique Gabriel will return, but the Cubs will lose catcher Thomas Germain to suspension. So Nicolas Ader should make his debut in Auscitain goals. Again, the famous transfer rule will have to be dealt with here, which is very restrictive for Auch Football. Let’s go to the musical chairs… How about digesting this slap that Auch got against Lourdes? “We have digested it, but it remains a big disappointment because we know how important the first home game is for a coach, which is more in front of a much bigger crowd than in previous years,” explains Arnaud Dessum, coach of Auscit├ín. We should have been more killer. The first half hour was okay, but it could have been even better with a little more intensity. Lourdes played 3-5-2 and we couldn’t play for the pistons and we didn’t “We couldn’t find Yassine Ouhammou and Valentin Lacoste deep. It’s still a very young team and there’s no doubt we’ve learned our lessons. The score is tight and we can’t say that this 0-3 record reflects the overwhelming dominance of the FCL. The guys were a little bit stung by that.”

Auch is now moving to Portet Carrefour for the start of the R1 championship. “We have a great feeling of revenge and we go to Portet with a desire to redeem ourselves,” continues Dessum. Be careful after that, as Portet also took the door to the Coupe de France. It’s a team that changes every year, but I suspect it will be a trick game.”

Getting three entry points would be a good start…for a team already looking for a response.

The reserve team Auscitaine, which is developing in Regional 2, will receive Graulhet today at 6 pm.

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