Outrage in Brazil after racist remarks directed at Vinicius Junior

During Chiringuito showOn Thursday night, Pedro Bravo, the player’s agent, said Vinicius Junior, Real Madrid’s 22-year-old Brazilian winger, should stop playing “make a monkey” during his goal celebrations. Remarks considered racist by many figures in the world of football who supported this player who celebrates his goals by dancing with his teammates.

In the stadiums, many black players faced racism from fans imitating monkey screams. “Even though racism still exists, it doesn’t stop us from continuing to smileposted by Pelé, a living legend of Brazilian football, on Twitter. We will continue to fight racism in our own way: fighting for our right to be happy. »

“Blame the dance!” »

“Baila Vini Jr” (Dance, Vini Jr) was posted by Neymar inspired by the hashtag #BailaViniJr, which took over trends on Friday Twitter in Brazil. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) issued a statement stating this “solidarity” the madrid attacker, the victim “racist statements”.

Real Madrid expressed their “ rejection of any racist and xenophobic expression” and intends to mobilize its legal department “take legal action” Required.

Faced with this wave of outrage, Pedro Bravo apologized Twitterexplain to him “making a monkey is an expression misused to metaphorically qualify (making nonsense) celebratory dances” player.

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