Régis Le Bris (Lorient): “We are only on the eighth day…”

Régis Le Bris (Lorient coach, after the 3-1 win against Auxerre): “Classification […] is unofficial. We’re taking points, and that’s the most important thing. The boys match was interesting in relation to what we wanted to do, the quality of the projection and also the moments in the match where we had more control. We knew that if Auxerre scored, it would be more difficult for the public with a different scenario. But we knew how to control it and could have scored the fourth goal.

We were able to be united and we were able to keep the score until the end, that’s the main thing. Leader, tonight (Friday night), it is reality in points. It is important in our sports dynamics and for what we generate, the emotions, the club, but we are only on the eighth day, there are thirty eight of them. But I’m happy with the start of the season. Now it will be necessary to keep a distance, that is another matter…”

Jean-Marc Furlan (coach of Auxerre, defeated by Lorient 3:1): “Just like in Rennes, we were shaky defensively in the first half. We have players who are not 100%. And then on an offensive level, here as well as in Rennes, it is difficult to play a shot at goals and be on it. It’s complicated. Knowing how you play shots and your knack for scoring goals and not taking them. Admittedly, against all that, it is currently complicated to be at Ligue 1 level with four defeats in a row.

Let’s say compared to what I see in the dressing room, you can be afraid, but we have already taken seven points and the season is very long. We’ve picked up players at the last minute who don’t yet have the timing in the game like others who have been there longer. But what worries me the most is not to break goals and take some…”

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