Schedules, TV program, matches of the 6th day

The National continues with Day 6 tonight. Discover the complete program of this 6th act.

Program of the 6th day of the National

  • Nancy – Bastia-Borgo (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Le Mans – Paris 13 Atlético (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Avranches – Red-Star (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Orléans – Châteauroux (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Martigues – Sedan (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Bourg-Péronnas – Stade-Briochin (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Dunkirk – Cholet (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Le Puy – Villefranche (Friday 16 September – 19:30) – FFF-TV
  • Concarneau – Versailles (Monday 19 September – 18:30) – Channel + sports

Orléans – Châteauroux: the match of this 6th day of the National

Stay on the front lines. Such is the challenge of this meeting between Orléans and Châteauroux. Orléanais currently occupy 2nd place in the table with 9 points, one more than Châteauroux. Suffice to say, this head-to-head clash is an important one between two formations aspiring to rise in Ligue 2.

7th with 8 points, Châteauroux is trying to get going this season. Proof of this is that Castelroussins cannot follow up two successes this season. The irregularity that mars Matthieu Chabert’s group has seen very little change compared to last year. Châteauroux must absolutely impose themselves under pressure given the club’s ambitions or risk falling behind their main rivals.

All national news can be found on our dedicated page.

Other Matches on Day 6

At other sessions on the 6th Nancy will try to continue the comeback against Bastia Borgo. Same story for promoted Paris 13 Atlético who is moving to Mans. Conversely, the National Red Lantern, sedanwants to start the season against Martigues. in addition Dunkirk (3.) a Cholet (4.) collide in a collision above. Le Puy accepts Villefranche. 10th in order, Avranches hopes to return to the top of the rankings with a win against Red Star. Finally, Concarneau and Versailles compete this Monday to close this 6th day of the National.

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