Sleeve. The Seagulls baseball field is changing its name

Elected officials and the President of the Seagulls (right) unveiled the plaque that now honors François Gréard in Tourlaville (Manche) this Sunday, September 11.

As of Sunday, September 11, 2022, the Seagulls baseball field, located in the Saint-Gabriel moor (Manche) natural sports area, bears the name Françoise Gréard, who disappeared in 2019.

In 1986, the founder of the sports association and for 20 years its presidentthe person in question was very involved in the French Baseball and Softball Federation 1995 to 2006, both at the level of the regional league and departmental committee. The Seagulls (who also bore the name Bad Boys) won big under his presidency. in 2006 the title of champion of France 1A.

Renovated and equipped stadium

While the sports season ended in July, earlier recovery scheduled for Sunday, September 25, 2022 Home against the Avranches-Le Havre agreement, this inauguration is a highlight in the club’s history. It also follows from this land renovation work through the services of the city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in collaboration with the sports department.

Mayor Benoît Arrivéand her sports assistant Claudine Sourisse was present at noon on Sunday acceptance of works and unveiling of the plaque in the name of Françoise Gréard, located at the main entrance to the complex.

The redevelopment includes an almost complete reconstruction of the baseball field with a contribution 300 tons of soil from the Léo-Lagrange stadium in Tourlavillereplacement of pedestals and nets, installation of an electronic scoreboard, installation of water and electrical points.

“This has filled a need for several years. The club is over 30 years old and now has 70 members (100 before Covid). He developed at a high level for 18 years, with two French championship titles to his credit,” says its president, Sebastien Greardwho warmly thanked the elected officials present and those who invested in his club.

“I’m glad that the stadium bears this name”

The volume of work carried out under the administration is EUR 7,700 says Claudine Sourisse.

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The recreational area of ​​Saint-Gabriel moor is one of the little-known gems of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. Following the work on the Nordez, Chantereyne and Jaurès halls, the renovation of this stadium is part of our program of renovation of sports structures. We depend on the value of sports, popular education and good coexistence. In addition, I am happy that the stadium bears the name of Françoise Gréard for her local, regional and national involvement.”

Benoit cameMayor of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin

On Sunday, after this inauguration, friendly meetings were planned among seagulls, Latin Americans and the old glory of the Old Timers.

From our correspondent Roger Lescroel

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