Sports: a basketball section for young players opens its doors in Revel

The Revel Saint-Ferréol club basket opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday, September 7, with a trial session. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

This is hard to agree with Wednesday, September 7, 2022in gymRoger Sudre School, in Revel. The 35 children present enjoy the afternoon: they dribble, shoot and run around the field.

In addition to teaching in a school environment, basketball training were rare at Revel. The city can be rich for a couple 200 associationsnothing helps: no one fully devotes himself to this sport.

There are clubs in Caraman, Castelnaudary, Castres… But they are all sold out. It is not easy for the Revéloise families to make trips every week. Didier Lhopiteau, president of BO Castelnaudary, offered training in Revel for the little ones, but not diligently. So there was a real demand!

Nicolas LasserreCoach and manager of Revel Saint-Ferréol basketball club

An encouraging test session

Revel however, it appears to have sufficient infrastructure (four outdoor courts, four indoor spaces) to allow for a basketball club. Especially since then there are many fans of this ball sport : “You just have to see it at the Orée de Vaure pitch: a lot of young people play there,” he confirms Nicolas Lasserre.

It was based on this observation that the coach decided to create a section at Revel. Better associations: Revel Saint-Ferréol Basketball Club (BRSF).

This corresponds to the current demand. Many young people practice basketball freely and unsupervised. There we bring the structure of the practice.

Jerome GarciaDeputy Mayor of Revel in charge of sport, leisure and health

And the test session held this first Wednesday in September was a great success. “I found myself a bit overwhelmed, but it went very well,” says Nicolas Lasserre. I think 3/4 of them will apply. »

Federate around passion

Among the 35 children who came to discover the squad were many U9s and U11s: the main target of the Revel Saint-Ferréol club.
Among the 35 children who came to discover the squad were many U9s and U11s: the main target of the Revel Saint-Ferréol club. (©Angélique Passebosc – Voice of Midi Lauragais)

OF 35 children present, U9 (7-8 years) and U11 (9-10 years), but also up to 7 years. Age categories that the coach wants to focus on for this first season:

The machines will be open on Wednesday afternoon for U9 and U11 from 4 p.m. We will try to offer activities and sets on Sunday mornings if the sports hall is available.

Nicolas Lasserre

The rest of the time, training will take place in the Roger-Sudre school gym. Without competition. “First we will try to organize a meeting with local clubs. »

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Nicolas Lasserre also hopes that in the long run he will be able to open his association to other age groups and other basketball practices. ” The goal is federation through internships open to all or summer camps for children. They like 17-18 year olds very much 3×3 (Olympic discipline, which is played in three against three on the half court), so why not develop it in the future. In all cases, we are open to all goodwill “, he starts. “All this will be done with an inter-municipal vision,” adds Jérôme Garcia.

Practical information
Revel Saint-Ferréol Basketball Club.
Training every Wednesday afternoon, from 4 to 5:15 p.m. for U11s and from 5 to 6 p.m. for U9s, in the Roger-Sudre school gymnasium in Revel. Entrance via the avenue de Castres parking lot.
Information and registration on site.

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