Stade Malherbe president Olivier Pickeu was severely sanctioned

Olivier Pickeu will have to stay on the stand for more than a month. The president of Stade Malherbe Caen was consecrated this Wednesday evening by the Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFP). We him blame his behavior at half-time of the Ligue 2 match between Caen and Amiens (3-1), last Saturday. The boss of the red and blue club went to tell the referee what he thought about their decisions made in the first period, in particular the penalty whistled for play by the hand of Romain Thomas (rejected by Norman goalkeeper Anthony Mandrea) and the missed penalty, according to the weed leaders in the action that followed the fact of the game.

Suspended until October 22

Professional football’s disciplinary body had a heavy hand against Olivier Pickeu. She decided to suspend him for 4 matches, including 2 by canceling the suspended sentence. The penalty takes effect immediately. The president of the SMC is thus banned until October 22 and the reception of Rodez at the Michel d’Ornan stadium on behalf of the 13th day of the French league championship. 2.

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