The basketball club wants to expand its teams this year

Sports clubs are resuming their activities this autumn. In basketball, recovery is multi-pronged and therefore involves multiple goals. Basketball at Paulhan is an ancient story, and although an absence of several years deprived fans of the joy of the sport, in 2017 there was a “rebirth” around the senior recreational team and the creation of four teams after a health crisis. with competition resuming for some.

Increased financial and material needs

Today, seven teams from U7 to U11 are training. The basketball federation, which has noted a low quota of women, supports the creation of women’s teams in the Hérault department. This led to the creation of the Inter-Club Co-operative (CCC) which enables employee compensation, an initiative in which the Paulhan Basketball Club participates.

The older girls of the first year of creation finished second in their section championship last season and were finalists of the Hérault Cup, which gives them access to the regional level. Promotion, if it pleases the entire club and basketball fans, will involve it in a higher dimension that will involve logistics and material and financial needs.

For Vincent Périer, club president, “Starting with almost a hundred license holders last year, we are moving towards 150 with the development of the teams. In addition to recruiting to expand the number of older boys and girls, our task will be to find volunteers, guides and the necessary funds to cope with the costs of traveling to more remote areas, clothing, equipment. Sponsors are welcome.”

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