The encyclopedia of encouragement in a baseball game

Whip the keel, the big one. Throw a chair at him! Gone, there. You’re all there mate.

If you hear these sentences, you can only be in one place somewhere in Quebec. On the baseball field.

No, the thrower is not ordered to throw an actual chair. Go away there. In which? Good question.

This style of cheering is unique to the sport. You will never hear a football player say to his teammate “it’s all there”. Baseball folks, you’ll agree that the football gang has a slightly more edgy way of cheering each other on. When you say someone is supreme in the air…

Let’s go back to baseball and break down some of the most popular expressions.

The Encyclopedia of Amateur Baseball

When you hear, “He’s throwing a small weight. Throws gas. He has a good fast. »

We’re talking about a pitcher who has a good fastball.

When we say, “He has a good two. A good bender. »

We’re talking about a curve ball. The “two” in question is the two-finger signal sent from the catcher to the pitcher to design a curveball.

“Throw a chair at him, what does that mean?” »

It means taking the batter off the bat and returning to his seat.

The batsman cheers

A successful team is a team that motivates itself. What could be better than supporting your batsman and suggesting that he “throw the bamboo” or “whip the pin”.

This is a colorful way to encourage batters to throw the baseball bat at their best.

We will also remind the dough: “that he saw it.” »

What could be more banal. A phrase often uttered after a batsman has watched an opponent’s strike to see what kind of pitch he can make.

More proof that you’re yelling at your teammate when she’s at bat, “Only when she’s there. »

You guessed it. A batter is called upon to swing only if the opponent’s batter is in the strike zone.

We also like to incorporate everyday elements into baseball fandom. Example: “Off with the guy who just bought a house there! »

You’ve also noticed this tendency to have to repeat the encouragement we initially shouted. “Go away, there, away there!” »

Why say it twice? Excellent question.

We have written here what is publicly said as encouragement, of course. With good taste, what have we forgotten as encouragement on the ball diamond?

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