The fairy as a magician, the sterile phase of Auxerre

The Hakes survived at Auxerre (3-1) on Friday night, during Day 8 of Ligue 1. Here are our top and our losers.


A fairy as a magician

Enzo Le Fée, slotted alongside Laurent Abergel in front of the defence, with Julien Ponceau included in the playing XI, was the best pike on the night as he was involved in the vast majority of the goals. He is the one who serves as Ponceau on Dango Ouattara’s opener (15th). A few minutes before half-time, on the edge of offside, Le Fée came to score a goal from the break after the shot was deflected by Costil (43rd). After returning from the dressing room, he almost offered a double to Ouattara with a perfect shot from a free kick, but he was eventually flagged in an illegal position. The Lorient midfielder finished the match with a 90% pass success rate and enjoyed himself as a playmaker in front of the defence. This gave the Bretons a clean and quick restart.

Moffi-Ouattara-Diarra, a trio in form

Lorient won again, Moffi scored again. The recipe seems to repeat itself week after week. Striker Merlus scored his 6th goal of the season when he headed in Talbi’s wonderful delivery from Le Goff’s long cross (36th). But the Nigerian was not alone in Lorient’s attacking animation. Dango Ouattara was dangerous in almost all his chances: first scorer (15th), tried his luck from distance (34th). He then came close to doubling the score in the second half (48th), but his goal was disallowed for offside. Stéphane Diarra spoke with his speed on the right to take advantage of very good quick lifts from Le Fée, he might even have scored if Costil had not pushed his dive away (70′). On the sides with the pair of Diarra-Ouattara or in the axis with Moffi, the Breton offensive sector cooled the lost defense of Auxerre.


The soporific defense of Auxerre

Unlike the 5-0 loss against Rennes, Auxerre’s defense didn’t make any real individual mistakes. Yet it strives to be transcendent. Of the 12 shots from Lorient, the men from Régis Le Bris framed eight. A high percentage that indicates a real lack of surface strength. Whether it was Moffi, Diarra or Ouattara, Lorient’s offensive sector overtook the secondary Mensah and Joly too easily. There is a glaring lack of communication between the back four, sometimes leaving real space. And against an in-form team in attack, responses can be costly.

Sterile AJA attack phases

Auxerre was not unworthy and harbors remorse. Yes, that line may put a smile on your face, and yet it’s an observation that hurts this Friday night. At home, AJ Auxerre attempted a total of 17 shots, far more than Lorient’s 12. They also had nine corner opportunities. But the results are simple: a goal scored by a mishandling of Mvogo (50th), some interesting breakthroughs on the sides with Gauthier Heine, Hamza Sakhi or Mathias Autret, but the ingredients of offensive realism are still missing. After Ouattara’s introduction, the Burgundians played ten serious minutes and settled on 50 Breton meters. But these offensive phases ultimately prove sterile. All those little moments of Auxerre dominance never led to a real reaction, a real effective awakening.

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