The Rockford Peaches return to bat


In 1943, a short-lived women’s professional baseball league created by the head of the Chicago Cubs allowed stadiums in the region to remain open while millions of young Americans were encouraged to join the military. Sponsored by the candy mogul, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League enjoyed decades of popularity before its members were sent back to their stoves.

Director Penny Marshall made this episode into a feature film in 1992, edited for success, An extraordinary team (A league of their own). The film is commercial but endearing, especially thanks to Tom Hanks, unforgettable in the role of an alcoholic and dirty coach, whom the filmmaker and his team thought to confront a handful of strong actresses – Geena Davis , Madonna , Rosie O’Donnell, among others.

Thirty years after the release of the film, Amazon Prime Video is betting on an adaptation An extraordinary team in a series format, the breadth of which provides space for stories and characters absent in film, released at a time when inclusivity was not yet in mainstream entertainment specifications. This approach is not new, it is radical here, as the sports comedy completely gives way to a story of feminist and lesbian emancipation.

Nerdy aesthetic

Therefore, leave the cult trainer of anger (“You don’t cry in baseball! »), the coach of the Rockford Peaches, the team that serves as the framework for the series, makes four episodes before being lazily exfiltrated by the writers. I don’t feel sorry for Nick Offerman who looked very bored. Peaches finds herself left to fend for herself, led back and forth by Carson Shaw (series co-creator Abbi Jacobson), a player torn between her feelings for her husband, who has come to the fore, and her attraction to Greta (D’Arcy Carden). a seductive and liberated bisexual.

This remake follows a program that sticks closely to the present day

The surveillance team is no longer a boring movie spinster, but a judicial confidante; the maintenance teacher also changed her speech, which teaches the player that it is possible to combine speed and freedom. An added story arc features a young black pitcher, Maxine (Chanté Adams), who spends eight episodes trying to fit into a sport that doesn’t want her… In short, this remake follows a program that sticks close to the present.

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