Three years in prison for former baseball coach

A former baseball coach guilty of sexually abusing young teenagers he coached in the 1990s has been sentenced to 3 years in prison, despite his remorse and despite turning himself in.

“Now that society has a better understanding of the seriousness of sexual offenses and their impact on children, the punishments […] it must be stricter than in the past,” Judge Suzanne Costom recently warned in a Montreal court.

Jean Ringrose, 62, committed his crimes between 1995 and 2000 while coaching a team of 13-year-old teenagers. At the time, he had relationships with the mothers of each of the players when he decided to go after the sons.

“The first sexual assault occurred during a trip to a baseball tournament in the hot tub of a hotel room,” the verdict for one of the victims suggests.

In both cases, the abuse lasted two years and left deep scars on each of the victims. One of the teens, now an adult, shared his fear of athletic trainers.

The second victim, now a dad, again explained that he feared the day his children would want to play sports.

“What should be wonderful for a child’s growth can turn into hell,” the victim told the court.

Ringrose ended up in court because of his deep remorse, which prompted him to turn himself in to the police. He then offered an apology to the victims in addition to starting therapy.

These mitigating circumstances earned him a small sentence reduction of 6 months, but he will still be on the sex offender registry until his death. And for 5 years after his release from prison, his contact with minors will be restricted.

“The tribunal recognizes that no sentence imposed on Mr Ringros can ever erase the pain and harm they have suffered,” the judge concluded.

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