Women’s Basketball/National 1. In the heart of the matter

After six weeks of preparation, the girls from “Geispo” go into competition mode this Saturday with the first match of N1, which is already shaping up to be a big fight. An ambitious team from Voiron arrives in Geispolsheim eager to confirm their status as favourites.

“Instantly mark our territory”

“We can’t wait to get going,” says coach Loïc Beyhurst. All matches are important, all have the same value. After that, we definitely want to immediately mark our territory and find our identity. The goal is to start our season in the best possible way. This will require everyone’s investment and the fastest possible implementation of our game philosophy. We want our work to bear fruit even during preparation. »


Geispolsheim still has to find his footing on the floor as the staff has been restored by half. “I am satisfied with the overall atmosphere in the group,” says the Alsatian technician. Good state of mind, solidarity… It came pretty quickly. We will logically improve and speed up the game over time. Not everything will be perfect this weekend, but we will be 150% determined. »

It will be necessary to dethrone the visiting team announced as one of the champions of the championship. “They are the ones who will be under pressure,” points out Loïc Beyhurst. We will be underdogs and will do everything we can to get our first win against a great team. »

The “Untamed” will not be complete for this first game of the season. Leader Leia Bouderra, who was injured all of last season after rupturing the cruciate ligament in one knee, is not yet fit to compete.

Morgane Beyer, who underwent hip surgery, will return in January. Despite these absences, “Geispo” will try everything in front of their supporters this Saturday to start their season with their first big performance at home.

Kick-off at 8 p.m., sports center.

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